Scotty McCreery “Feelin’ It”

Had an amazing time shooting the new video for Scotty’s FEELIN’ IT, and LOVE LOVE LOVE this piece. I’d never been to the Outer Banks before and the scenery and people were BEYOND AWESOME! So welcoming and incredibly helpful!! I’m quickly falling in love with North Carolina and got tons of cardio climbing those lighthouse stairs a few times. Really appreciate all the amazing crew that worked on this …

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Colbie Caillat’s “TRY”

It is incredibly rare that you get to create a music video that’s truly a work of art, a piece that MEANS something. When Colbie called me about the TRY video, I was REALLY excited that she wanted to shed all the normal make-up and video icing . . . even touch-ups . . . and go fully bare, literally like she just rolled out of bed. At first, …

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Don’t feed them after midnight.

So, fair warning . . . I’m going to share every ounce of myself with this new blog and since many of those ounces are PURE GEEK, here’s my first toy post . . . because I love me some toys.

My absolute FAVORITE toy line for the last couple of years, produced by NECA, is from one of my favorite movies of all time. GREMLINS! I got these guys …

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One Moment with Kellie Pickler

I was going through all my files the other day and realized HOW MANY photos I’ve taken over the years during shoots and, as I was going through them, I kept remembering all these amazing moments. I thought it would be cool to start sharing those moments. Some are strange and others are very simple, but each one tells a really cool “story” from behind the scenes during the …

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