It is incredibly rare that you get to create a music video that’s truly a work of art, a piece that MEANS something. When Colbie called me about the TRY video, I was REALLY excited that she wanted to shed all the normal make-up and video icing . . . even touch-ups . . . and go fully bare, literally like she just rolled out of bed. At first, we discussed the video just being with her and slowly showing how she goes from complete, overly GLAMMED up to 100%  natural with nothing on at all, and then we decided to add other women from all walks of life and ages . . . to show that it’s universal and to really connect with more women out there and to also kind of touch on the idea, for me, that Colbie is just like all the other woman out there . . . same pressures to be beautiful, etc. by society.

We also decided to go OVER the top with her styling in the beginning. I even touched her up a little more than I normally would and definitely wanted to reveal those touch ups coming off in a super close-up. After that close-up, when you see the touch ups wipe off, she’s literally not touched up digitally at all and, at the very end, she is completely make-up free. She literally came to set, we brushed her hair and popped a camera in her face and I was honestly really proud of her. It wasn’t easy . . . for any of the ladies in the video.

The biggest surprise for me is that I learned a hell of a lot during the process. We shot ten real women, including Colbie, in their most natural state as well as in their “made up” state and slowly watched them reveal themselves to the world and the beauty that hid underneath. Watching these women bare it all was nothing short of amazing and, like I said, it was a lot more difficult for them than I ever imagined it would be. I never realized how INVISIBLE women feel when they didn’t have their makeup on and how much it affected their confidence when it was gone. It was sobering and, as cheeseball as it sounds, I felt honored to be there, cheering them on as they faced those demons.

Every one of them was BRAVE and BEAUTIFUL. It’s great to be a part of this one, and I hope it touches women out there in some way, especially all the women in my life I love. Directing this video made me a better person and better man, and I thank every one of these women for that . . . and I love me some Colbie!

Also, one last thing I really NEED to point out for all the people saying Colbie is still wearing make-up at the end of the video. She is not! I was there. I shot her. I watched her bare it all. She came in, they brushed her hair and we shot her. So, come on people, give it up! This was a brave thing ALL of the women did in the video and it was NOT easy for ANY of them.

Check the full video out HERE!


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