I was going through all my files the other day and realized HOW MANY photos I’ve taken over the years during shoots and, as I was going through them, I kept remembering all these amazing moments. I thought it would be cool to start sharing those moments. Some are strange and others are very simple, but each one tells a really cool “story” from behind the scenes during the making of these videos. There will only be ONE photo from each shoot, and I’ll fill in the blanks to why this moment is the one I chose and what I remember most about it.

For the first one, I chose a shot from my very first video with Kellie Pickler for “Best Days of Your Life.” It was definitely a huge highlight for me and was the first of many videos I’d do with Kellie and, oddly, the first time I worked with Taylor as well. The reason I chose this particular photo is because I remember this moment VERY clearly. I remember hearing Kellie laugh and thinking how infectious and real she was . . . and how incredible she looked in the light.

Kellie is an amazing artist, and I’m crazy lucky to have shared a TON of experiences with her. She is one of the most talented, giving and true people I’ve ever met, and I’m fortunate to have her as a friend.

You can also see one of my BEST friends blurred off to the right . . . DP, Pedro Castro. One word. AWESOME.

THIS was an incredible moment!

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